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Margaret A. Ladd (born 1953) Having raised three children, now enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and was inspired to write a children’s book for them. Her first book entitled“The Little Red Gobbleump” is about making friends, new adventures and not being afraid.

She is currently working on a series of LRG stories.


image_anthonyEach illustration for the Little Red Goobleump books and shorts as well as the promotional images for social networks and printed media are done by graphic designer Anthony Ladd owner of Kneelindesign.

website: Kneelindesign

Sometimes it rains hard and makes it too wet for me to go outside. +On those days I like to invite my friends over and we play fun games. One of my favorite games is “Funny Faces”. One person sits in front of the rest and makes a quick funny face. The first person to laugh is out. The game goes on until only one person is left and they win some Gobbleump candy.

….. a funny face! ….. a funny face!